Tech Vocational

Program Goals:

Manitoba is currently experiencing and will continue to experience a labour shortage in skilled trades. With a large number of tradespeople considering retirement in the next few years, and fewer people learning a skilled trade, the need for skilled workers and the opportunity for future employment has never been greater.

Frontier School Division also recognizes the importance of providing all learners with the opportunity to receive technical vocational experiences within their high school careers.

With this in mind Frontier School Division has developed the Northern Technical Centre which will give Northern Aboriginal students the chance to access technical vocational education at an introductory level and/or in a specific trade.

If you are interested, please fill out the application form on the other side of this brochure and return it to your principal, guidance counselor or local education coordinator.


This program will give students broad-based training in the hairstyling industry.  The training includes sound theoretical training and “hands-on” practical application to develop the skills in the trade. Students will also gain computer and business management skills related to the trade.

The program also includes occupational safety and health components emphasizing knowledge and practices for a safe workplace. Students have the opportunity to develop positive work attitudes, a high quality standard of practice and personal pride in the hair styling industry.

Commercial Cooking

The cooking program at the NTC is centred in a well-equipped commercial cooking facility. The program this year will have a special emphasis on Baking, and will provide the perfect blend of theory and practice for further studies in Culinary Arts. Space is limited in this program so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your career cooking.

Building Construction/Carpentry

Frontier Builders “Building People, Building Community”

This one-year Manitoba Apprenticeship accredited program is designed to provide basic carpentry knowledge and the skills to gain employment in the construction field.  Students will learn all phases of woodworking and building-construction trades.  Courses include blueprint reading, hand tool and machine woodworking, framing, concrete forming, roofing interior and exterior finishing, cabinet making and stair building as well as a work practicum.

                           Each course within the program will have curriculum-related to occupational safety and health, and both theory and practical components of the program will emphasize knowledge and practices for a safe workplace.

This program consists of eight high school vocational credits, combining classroom, in-shop training, and work experience. Students who complete the program with an average of 70% or higher and who register as an apprentice within 2 years will have earned Level 1 in their trade area once they have completed the time credit requirements.

Admission Requirements:

To be eligible for the program, students must be:

  • 16 years of age at the time the program begins
  • Have an equivalent of grade 10 standing, and preferably have completed grade 11 math and language arts
  • Be committed to completion of the program, as it consists of two semesters, full time.


Power Mechanics

Power Mechanics is growing at FCI and the broad based Basic Service program is designed to introduce students to a collection of transportation trade areas, including Automotive, Heavy Duty and Marine and Outdoor Power Equipment. Heavy emphasis is given to shop safety, cooling, lubrication, drivetrain systems and service and repair of associated systems in an organized, safe, industrial work environment.

Students in this program will attend half day programs and gain two credits when complete, and will have developed an industrial sensibility that will serve them into the senior levels of Trades Training. Day to day operations will be divided between shop practical work and class theory. An added feature of the Power Mechanics program is the ability to gain some of the credit hours in the virtual learning medium using the CDX training module, allowing students to utilize a strong educational tool throughout their high school career.